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“Macbitches” Dazzles and Reveals”

August 22, 2022


“Macbitches,” (at the Chain Theatre, 112 West 36th Street, through September 10th) written by Sophie McIntosh and directed by Ella Jane New, truly dazzles with humor and pathos, opening our awareness about envy/jealousy, and ambition’s exponential presence in fields of entertainment, in this case, college theatre.

The cast is excellent, Caroline Orlando, Laura Clare Bronne, Marie Dinolan, Morgan Lui, and Natasja Naarendorp  bringing the myriad, tense, revealing emotions to life.

I was highly entertained and more important, moved into further reality and awareness of these times, the often “not what, but who you know” aspect that haunted and continues to haunt.

“Macbitches” is an eye opening, informative, well performed production.


Click below for more information including ticket purchase. › macbitches-worldpremieremacbitches — Chain Theatre









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