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Christopher Olsen Notes

August 20, 2022


Today a quick post revealing  a “names coincidence” involving  three child actors.

Christopher Olsen played the Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day character’s (Ms. Day sang her great song “Que Serra” twice to and strategically for Olsen’s “Hank” in the film) son in the Alfred Hitchcock directed “The Man Who Knew Too Much.”

Christopher Knight played “Peter Brady” on the famed show, “The Brady Bunch.” 

Susan Olsen, Christopher Knight’s blended family’s sister on “The Bunch” is Christopher Olsen’s much younger sister (15 years),  played “Cindy Brady.”

You get rewarded for my coincidences indulgence by clicking below to view Doris singing Que Sera Sera in the film “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” Mr. Olsen (“Mrs.” did coffee ads) is pictured. 



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