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Remembering David McCullough

August 13, 2022

It is not the acclaim and prizes, specifically The Pulitzer, that I remember and admire most about writer David McCullough, (hopefully his love of and emphasis on history will inspire more of the same), who died days back, at age 89.

“They,” unfortunately do not make too many, if any David McCullough types these days. He loved history and brought it to life in such books as biographies of the second U.S. President, John Adams and the 33rd, Harry S Truman. (The S did not stand for anything).

Mr. McCullough narrated in the movie about the famed horse, Seabiscuit and as with James Earl Jones and very few others, one can see paying just to hear David McCullough read the phone book. (I believe Jones got involved with similar “placement”).

Let’s face it my love of history mainly concerned sports but at least I had that. These kids today …..

Also and I remember this best, McCullough commented on the constant placing of the word “like” (I am guilty of it also and I do NOT LIKE it) in modern language.

Paraphrasing Mr. McCullough talked of President Kennedy’s famed inaugural speech being “It’s not LIKE what your country can do for you, but LIKE what you can LIKE do for your country.”

Let’s try to upgrade and appreciate those like (I hesitate to use that “L” word) David McCullough!!


David McCullough taught us that history is for everyone

The renowned author, David McCullough, pictured above.

“History, really, is an extension of life,” McCullough wrote. “It enlarges and intensifies the experience of being alive, like poetry and art or music.”


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