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Remembering Olivia Newton-John

August 10, 2022

Before I saw the radiant, outside beauty of the great performer, Olivia Newton-John, who died far too early at age 73 amidst this “heat of hell summer,” days back, I was aware of and admired her songs a great deal.

Seeing her, (somewhere a small Newsweek photo I cut out remains) evoked, say running back, Marcus Allen “going over the top!”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and looks are so over valued in this life, yet I note Olivia Newton-John was beautiful.

More important, she was a gifted performer with incredible presence and charm. She did so much good in her life.

3 Letters and confluence in 1981: MTV began, I bought my first VCR and ONJ (Olivia’s and other videos played). I recorded. It is/was both good and bad to do so.

Luckily, we are blessed that recordings preserve the performances of greats such as Olivia Newton-John.

One is shown below. It probably will be taken down. Certainly, it as with life, will come to an end.

Thank you Olivia Newton-John, whom I saw perform brilliantly later in her great career, for all the good that you did while on this planet.

Click below to see Olivia perform “Make A Move On Me.”



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