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Warriors Lead (3-2), Bidding For A 4th Title In 8 Seasons

June 14, 2022

Andrew Wiggins (This Andrew again watched none and fervently hopes there is no 7th, not because I want “G.S.” but because I do not want the hype. All my life, vs windmills and not good, smart or perhaps not even noble) had 26 points while Klay Thompson added 21, more than compensating for a Curry off night (just 16 points and 0 for 9 on those “ruined the game” 3’s) as Golden State (-3 plus) (104-94–all 5 have been decided by 10 points or more) vs Boston to lead the final, 3 games to 2.

The Warriors, who have won their last 2 potential title clinching games, however, doing so up (3-1) in ’17 and (3-0) in ’18 after failing in 4 straight, including 3 to lose the ’16 final after Silver, (now in protocol), in a horrible decision but what do you expect from a man encouraging gambling big time, suspended Dray Green.

The Warriors are (6-5) in potential title clinching games. Boston is a 4 point “fave” to force a 7th, which would be on a Sunday night in the Bay Area, a la the ’16 horror that cemented the greatness of the over rated Leb James, who watched all these playoffs as a BILLIONAIRE non participant. (Of course few cite THE SHOT by Kyrie Irving and the keep the Cavs in it #7 play of J.R. Smith).

#6 is a Thursday road tilt for the Warriors as was the case in ’16.


Andrew Wiggins 2022.jpg

Andrew Wiggins, pictured above.

Only the ’85 Lakers have clinched a title as a road team, in Boston. 

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