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13 Years Apart Note

June 13, 2022

There will be other notes regarding the NHL Final in which the Tampa Bay Lightning are bidding for a third straight title.

I believe 15 times a team has won three straight crowns.

Surely I do not have all the times a team with two straight titles made the final in a bid for a third straight title, as is the case now with Tampa Bay, an underdog to the home advantage/Colorado Avalanche.

Thirteen years apart, three different two time champions, not only lost a final round entity in a bid for a third straight but were swept out in 4 straight games.

In 1963 the Los Angeles Dodgers, who would “title” again in 1965, denied the New York Yankees, by the way (44-16) (of the Roy and Brad’s once #), so far this season, a third straight title sweeping them in the World Series.

13 years later in ’76 the Montreal Canadiens won the first of four straight titles, denying the two time champion Philadelphia Flyers, sweeping them in the final series.

Another 13 years passed and in the ’89 NBA final, the Detroit Pistons won the first of their 2 straight titles denying the two time champion Lakers, sweeping the final in 4 straight games.


Isiah Thomas, pictured above, led the Pistons to 2 titles and 5 straight semis appearances from 1987-1991.

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