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Some World Series Redux Notes

April 15, 2022

After there were no World Series rematches in the first weekend of   baseball, there were 2 during the second patch of games and one this weekend.

In the 1965 World Series redux between the L.A. Dodgers and Minnesota Twins, played in Minne, where L.A. 7’d the Twins 57 years earlier, L.A. repeated by the same winning scores as their home wins in #’s 4 and 5 in the ’65 World Series.

Then (1965) Don Drysdale and L.A. won (7-2) in #4, the same score the ‘2022 Dodgers won last Tuesday. On Wednesday, L.A. won (7-0), getting 7 perfect innings before shamefully being lifted, from Clayton Kershaw, repeating the win behind Sandy Koufax in #5 of the ’65 World Series.

That year Sandy pitched a perfect game on September 9th and is among the greatest pitchers ever, in my opinion, the best since Robert Moses “Lefty” Grove.

Kershaw has been a great pitcher in the “reg,” not so in post-season. I am not a big fan of Kershaw, however, he deserved a chance at becoming one of the so few to pitch a perfect game.

There was one redux game of the ’85 World Series. That year the K.C. Royals 7’d the St. Louis Cardinals, holding them to one run thrice and shutting them out (11-0) in #7. (In the ’34 World Series, St. Louis won at Detroit by the same (11-0) score in #7).

“St. Loo” won (6-5) on Tuesday.

The third redux involves the ’54 W.S. opponents the Giants, then in New York and now in their 65th year in San Francisco vs Cleveland, until this season the Indians and now the Guardians.

In ’54 the Giants swept Cleveland. Both this weekend and for the year, I predict up for Cleveland and down for the Giants after their 107 win season last year.


Johnny Antonelli 1955.jpg

Johnny Antonelli, pictured above, won game 2 of the World Series  for the Giants in 1954.

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