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Remembering Gilbert Gottfried

April 14, 2022

A truly gifted talent and a kind hearted man, Gilbert Gottfried was taken, far too early at age 67, days back.

He was funny and successful and fortunately was rewarded with a great family life that an excellent documentary, I was fortunate to see, indicated.

My admiration was/is for his courage. He dared to tell jokes, maybe about the events of September 11, 2001, and was told it was too soon. The hypocritical society took away his endorsement. They can’t do bleep now. You stood tall and that gets noticed.

I met Gilbert once and somewhere in my disorganized, non technical world I have a picture with him. Oddly, I met him at a performance by singer Gilbert O’Sullivan and note that not that long ago, we lost hockey star, Rod Gilbert. (Gilbear is roughly the pronunciation).

So Gilbert Gottfried go forth, there will be plenty of “hotel items” for you and know your great work and more important, your caring touched many people including me.

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