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5/10 And Same Calendar NCAA “Semis” Notes

April 2, 2022

They are similar to cars, these phones and computers, we have to constantly spend more. So frustrating!

Anyway, let’s get some notes regarding the 4 national semis teams, who have perhaps a record 17 crowns entering the semis, I would think a record for sure in any national semi, sans U.C.L.A.

Kansas, with 3 titles, won it all 70 years ago and in “same calendar,” 1988.

Their opponent in the first semi today, in which the so called “sharps” are on both the first half and game “under,” is Villanova, which also has 3 crowns, won it 37, 6 and 4 years ago, none (Peter Sagel said “none” as I typed it) of which has the 2022 calendar.

North Carolina has 6 crowns. They won it in same calendar 2005 and also 65, 40 and 5 years ago, the ’82 version at the New Orleans Superdome, where this the 41st tournament with some CBS coverage, ’82 was the first, will be played.


However, another “they get in, you feel in NEED of them and they pile on the cost,” entity, cable television, gets all 3 remaining tilts, NOT over the air CBS!!

Duke has 5 crowns, the second a repeat one, thirty years ago, in 1992. None were in same calendar as 2022 years. All 5 were under retiring coach Mike Krzyzewski and with Jim Nantz as the lead announcer.

Despite its presence on TBS, I must pay for both the 3 remaining tilts and the results I want, Nantz for a 32nd time (my #, but not my cause) will “call” the final game.


James Worthy at UNC Basketball game. February 10, 2007.jpg

James Worthy of title winning North Carolina, pictured above, was the Most Outstanding Player of the ’82 NCAA Tournament. 

Sorry “Clever,” but a gambling “rough one,” that first hurt, but then helped one “Bobby G.”

He/”Bobby G” gave one plus with N.C. and with N.C. up 1 with say 2 seconds left, Worthy missed both free tosses. (Ode to Joe Tait). 

Mr. “G” stopped betting!!

By the way Mr. Worthy was a great player and I can attest to the fact he is a classy, intelligent, well informed individual. 



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