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Week Old Pick On WFAN, Still Wrong And Wrong

March 31, 2022

WFAN, a no listen for a long time is I believe summed up by Bob Seger, a Tigers’ fan,  save caller to them in 2042, Jo Jo from Mars comments on the Yankees having power and not speed. Bob Seger, a Tigers fan, “Still the same” lyrics.

More than anything it is complaints about the local teams win or lose.

There is an eery gambling presence.

An ad for a female tout was played a week late. 


First of all, she was promoting tonight’s “Villanova/Michigan” game. Problem: the game was played a week ago.

Even with that, her prediction of “many points,” was still wrong. I no longer follow, but I would think (63-55) and 118 would be an under.


The above applies even more so regarding the many fraudulent “touts” involved in sports gambling.

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