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Some Mostly Rams’ Supe Notes

February 15, 2022

There have now been ten “neutral network, (i.e. NOT the NFC or AFC network) Super Bowls contested between NFL or NFC rooted teams and AFL or AFC rooted teams and the NFL/NFC team has prevailed in all ten.

The only other L.A. vs Cincinnati post-season entity was the Cincinnati Reds’ sweep of the Dodgers in a 1995 division series. That year was the only other year, before this one, in which the Atlanta Braves won it all.

Additionally the Rams join the Braves with 4 crowns, two in their current locale and one each in their two former cities.

The “Miracle” 1914 Boston Braves and Henry Aaron/Lou Burdette led, 1957 Milwaukee Braves won the “other cities,” previous Braves’ titles.

The 1945 Cleveland Rams and 1999 St. Louis Rams, the latter on the #, in a neutral network Supe, won the other cities, previous Rams’ crowns.

Thrice Rams’ Supes have “landed” within a point of the spread, a 1979 season, “near but not at, Rams home,” Steelers, led by the great John Stallworth, (31-19) win at the Rose Bowl vs the 11 plus point(s) underdog, Rams, the aforementioned Rams (-7) (24-17) win vs the Tennessee Titans in the 1999 season such and the game two days back in which the Rams, consensus 4 point “faves” won by 3 vs the now (0-3) in Supes, but (2-1) vs the spread, Cincinnati Bengals.

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