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Rams 70 Years Later

February 14, 2022

The Los Angeles Rams won their first L.A. title in 70 years, riding the brilliance of receiver Cooper Kupp (Michael COOPER played on 5 L.A. Lakers’ title teams and coached 2 WNBA title teams with the Sparks) and penalty calls to (-4) (23-20) the Cincinnati Bengals in the 56th Supe, played on the Rams’ home, corporate named field.

It was the second straight season a team won the title playing on its home field. There had not been a home game in the first 54 such games.

L.A. trailed (20-16) (the same score by which SF handed Cincy a second Supe loss in ’88 when down 3, Montana to Taylor yielded a 4 point Cincy Supe loss. The Bengals (0-3) in Supes have lost by 5 then 4 and now by 3, having lived by “the sword of winning by 3 in their first 3 ‘offs tilts- now cue Diana Ross “Touch Me In The Morning” we have seen them lose by 3. The Rams in turn, just (2-2) ATS in these title winning ‘offs, win a third straight by 3, this the first of the combined 6 Rams or Bengals “by 3” ‘offs wins not decided by a field goal) with say 7 minutes remaining.

The Rams went 79 yards for the game winning score, however, making a holding call that essentially decided the season followed by “prisoner of the moment” Collinsworth calling a mediocre Stafford (he did throw 3 touchdown passes) and great Kupp (the also great Aaron Donald ought to have been game MVP, McVay is no bargain, neither team will be close next year and maybe again) a “greatest” clutch “combo” leaves me so disgusted.


refer to caption

A great player and if the ridiculous rule that the MVP vote takes place before the last 2 minutes, the likely Supe MVP, Aaron Donald pictured above.

He wears #99 and the Rams last won the Supe in ’99 when they were in St. Louis. 

An Aaron is a star on the title team in the football season after Henry Aaron’s old team, the Braves won it all, in the first season after Mr. Aaron’s death. 

As is the case with the Braves and no other major North American professional sports team, the Rams not only have titles in 3 different cities but also 2 in their current locale and one each in their other 2 cities.



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