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Supe To (Truly) Nuts Notes Begin

February 1, 2022

I eschew more title tilt game details, not a foolish “ESCHEW” (no “God bless you,” for Reid, now (3-6) in title tilts with one Supe win) as Reid committed at “first half end,” in his Chiefs HOME LOSS (a 4th in title tilt, annals for Reid) for some Supe notes.

Twenty of the NFL’s (Jim Brown/O.J. Simpson)/32 teams, including the 4 point favorite Rams, have won Supes, while 12, including the Bengals have not.

Eleven, a seemingly powerful number is the number of Supes after the “by definition,” first one, matching two teams with no previous Super Bowl wins. (The last was the ’99 “Alfalfa” Michaels Rams on the # win vs Tennessee (Titans).

If Cincy prevails on February 13th in the second straight home team Supe, after all 54 previous were not such, only 11 teams will be without a Supe win.

Four teams the Detroit Lions (0 for 56, Mr. DiMaggio was 56 for 56 and only once did Detroit reach a “semi” in those 56 seasons), Cleveland Browns (the NFL says use the Otto Graham/Jim Brown/ say Bernie Kosar team records) thus they are (0 for 53, failing in 5 games in which victory would have gained them Super Bowl entry. Those were NFL title tilt losses vs Baltimore in ’68 and at Minnesota in ’69. Add on 3 losses vs the Denver Broncos in AFC title tilts, at home in ’86 and at Denver in both ’87 and ’89. None of the 5 teams to top the Browns in those games won the subsequent Super Bowl game), Jacksonville Jaguars (0 for 27 seasons, with 3 semis losses two at New England, each vs an excellent ,”Willie Boy” coach. (Bill Parcells’ Pats in ’96 and Bill Belichick’s Pats in ’17 won home AFC title games vs “Jax,” before losing the subsequent Supe) and a home loss vs Tennessee, who also lost the next game Supe in ’99) and the Houston Texans, (never as far as a “semi” in their 20 seasons.

The seven teams, other than the Bengals (0-2) in Supes (a fact that will be not only jammed down our collective throats, but will involve references to Cris Collinsworth, a beyond annoying/”never shuts up commentator,” who was a very good football player), that have been in but never won the so called “Big Game,” are the Bills and Vikings each (0-4) in Supes, the Falcons and Panthers each (0-2) in such games and the Cardinals, Chargers and Titans, each of whom lost in their lone Supe appearance. (All three (0-1) in Supes teams lost its Super Bowl game, in an Al “Alfalfa” Michaels broadcast.


Alfalfa gip.jpg

Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer, pictured above. 



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