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It will be a Bengals AT Rams Supe

January 31, 2022

After no team hosted any of the first “Chuck Howley”/54 Super Bowls, there will be a home team in that game for a second straight year, with the Rams (menos 4) in their L.A. home, vs the Cincinnati Bengals. (Four is operative as each team is a conference “4” seed, the first time no team as high as a conference “3” gained Super Bowl entry).

In the earlier tilt Steve “Ap,” a young man in tune with “apps,” hit both KC (menos 4, there is that # again), and Cincy 18 to 1 to win the AFC, as the Bengals down by the discovered by me, “comeback score,” of (21-3), rallied to (27-24) the K.C. Chiefs and raise their AFC title tilt record to (3-0).

Next as the NFL has produced 5 of 6 tilts decided by 3 points and the other by “6,” in an overtime/almost all-time classic after a dull so called “Super wild card weekend,” the Rams won their first L.A. home title tilt, (they lost to Dallas in their previous 2) overcoming a 10 point, 4th quarter deficit (in fairness L.A. was on the move as the 4th quarter began, however, it is another big lost lead game suffered by Niners’ coach Kyle Shanahan-see the ’16 Supe as Atlanta assistant and the ’19 season Supe as Niners coach vs K.C.) to “no cover” the San Francisco 49ers (20-17), as 3 plus point(s) favorites. (Rivkah, 2 for 2 yesterday, has correctly picked 9 of 12 ‘offs tilts after winning her division in the “regular season”).

In their slot 1 win AT Tennessee (Titans) (by the way that dropped the home team’s record in slot 1 to a still sensational (42-10), a tipped ball, interception by Logan Wilson (ode to defensive backs Jerry Logan and Larry Wilson) set up Evan McPherson’s last play field goal.

Yesterday, it was Vonn Bell, who set up McPherspon’s (called Adam by the monolith’s ) game winning/overtime boot, that sets up just the second ever Cincy vs L.A. ‘offs entity (the other a baseball Reds’ “bastardized/div series/”quarters” vs the Dodgers in ’95, also the only other time the Atlanta Braves won it all. Who but me?!!

As I try to cite some individuals, I hail the comradery after the NFC title tilt between Odell Beckham Jr. of L.A. (9 receptions, 113 yards) and the brilliant player, Deebo Samuel of the Niners. Also the sensational Rams’ receiver, Cooper Kupp gathered in 2 Matthew Stafford TD passes.

Plenty of notes, you likely can only get here ahead in the next 2 weeks and I will do so without listening to the endless hype for the Lawrence Taylor/56th Supe.


Odell Beckham Jr left the Rams' celebration to console 49ers star Deebo Samuel

Beckham consoles Samuel.

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