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Notes Watching MeTV

January 14, 2022

It was a good late night watching MeTV and some notes will follow.

First, I watched a superb episode of “The Twilight Zone,” titled “The Obsolete Man,” starring Burgess Meredith and Fritz Weaver.


Mr. Meredith’s character, “Romney Wordsworth,” is a librarian with a love of books, evoking memories of an even greater “Zone” episode, “Time Enough At Last,” in which Meredith’s character, in a vast understatement, also loved books.

By the way, Mr. Weaver, as is the case with Mr. Meredith is superb period and certainly in the episode.

Earlier this week in searching regarding Barbara Barrie, I found a show with Ms. Barrie, Mr. Weaver and Uta Hagen as interview subjects. A link will be posted below.

Sans coffee, but with “program notes intrigue,” (Anthony Geary, of course best known as “Luke” on General Hospital was listed), I stayed past a good one hour “Hitch” (it occurs to me I avoided military “hitches,” and am so glad and likely fortunate to have done so. Oh the horror of this country’s involvement in “The Viet Nam War!! Yet though I arrive early, often slighted by others arriving late, I need to become more organized!!) starring Barry Sullivan, to watch Geary, Howard Duff and of course Mike Connors as Joe Mannix and Gail Fisher as “Peggy” in a “Mannix” episode titled “A Way To Dusty Death, ” with Geary at age 26 or so in 1973.

In the episode, Mr. Geary’s character, “Eddie Decken,” is actually the one who raped and murdered a woman, a fact his brother, played by Duff, wants to hide.

Let’s face it and I love Luke/Laura, even having Geary’s “Luke” and Genie Francis’ Laura (how often her father Ivor played a therapist!) about to kiss, in a beautiful, albeit torn, 1981 Newsweek cover in my “crowded” room, Luke did at least “date rape” Laura, only to eventually be part of a great love, he and “Laura” shared.

Click below to view Phyllis Haynes and Mary Helen McPhillips interview Uta Hagen, Barbara Barrie and Fritz Weaver on “Straight Talk” a number of “moons” ago.


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