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Remembering Don Maynard

January 13, 2022

It is not easy to type with a bad wrist, however, on this day after the 53rd anniversary of the New York Jets Supe 3 win vs heavily favored Baltimore, (Colts), I “must” remember the great receiver Don Maynard, a vital member of that title team.

Mr. Maynard, dying the same week as Dwayne Hickman, who played alongside Bob Denver’s “Maynard G. Krebbs,” as title character, “Dobie Gillis,” was 86 years old.

Don Maynard, who took part in not so arguably the two most influential games in pro pig history, the aforementioned Supe 3 and also as a return man for the New York Giants, also vs the Colts, that the beyond seminal 1958 NFL title tilt, (23-17) overtime win for Baltimore, was a superb receiver and along with George Sauer and Pete Lammons, formed an excellent receiving corp, for the great Joe Namath. (Joe lately of constant Medicare Advantage type commercials).

Don was an original franchise member with the 1960 Titans.

In what “Stone” calls the Jets’ most important victory, the (27-23) win vs an excellent AFL team, the Oakland Raiders,  Maynard had to reach over “the wrong shoulder” to gather in Joe’s long  pass that set up the final points, a 6 yard Namath to Maynard TD pass, in the Jets’ victory.

I was far from a Jets’ fan, but oh the memories and the talent. If I were betting then, I would have won big on the Jets, plus all those points, in the Supe vs “Balti.” They had such talent and Maynard in pure terms, probably was their most gifted/productive player.

New York teams were not only better then but each had a great broadcaster, certainly not the case now. 

The Giants had Marty Glickman, the Jets had another great, Merle Harmon and his “Maynard to the right, Sauer to the left”–(maybe the other way around), evokes such fond memories, though again I was clearly not a Jets’ fan.


refer to caption

The great receiver, Don Maynard, pictured above.

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