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Will Be: ‘Bama (-14) vs Cincy and Georgia (-8) vs Michigan

December 6, 2021

It was an awful week, it looks as if Brad is gone, teams buy, either the wrong guys get into the tarnished Baseball Hall (compiler, other than ’66, never impactful Jim Kaat) others too late (Minnie Menoso, who once told me he would want his family not to accept it and Buck O’Neill. Of course no Pete and idiots I hear say Pete changed his bets based on Bill Gullickson and that type pitching), so very little details save Alabama seeking a repeat crown is a roughly 2 TD “fave” vs Cincinnati while Georgia, beaten by ‘Bama last week but knowing they were in, no matter, are 8 (get it 8–ode to Bob Loebman) vs Louise Fox’ Michigan.

Oh did I mess up this season as Michigan and Cincinnati were incredible winners, the former going (11-2) against the spread.

This weekend the champions, one not that great, the other two all-timers in their category, were in Atlanta.

Alabama, in the almost unprecedented situation of being a near touchdown dog and of course are defending champions, who (41-24’d) Georgia and now are in the semis. Citing Nick Saban(o), (oh Gross, Ethan the Bradley seemingly imminent death and people “barring” others, something first 3 letters epitomized and hurt this sensitive, good soul, who waited uptown 7 hours, having seen Brad yesterday, is a lesson. Most people do NOT heed that lesson!!) and his many titles.

Ditto the great Tom Brady (not so great this day for first half Bucs’ bettors yesterday, but of course they covered vs me and not picked here, Atlanta–I did pick the Steelers here, however I lost on Atlanta and won next to “nada” on the Sreelers. The main thing is that I bet small, essentially watched none and realize the waste in having watched all the many years) and defending champion Tampa Bay (Bucs) as they won (30-17) (-11) at Atlanta and certainly have a shot at a repeat crown.

The 88 win(s) Braves of course are “housed” (Tom House caught #715, hit by Henry Aaaron and in the first baseball season after Mr. Aaron’s death, his Braves won it all!!)

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