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NFL Redux Notes

December 4, 2021

Play in the 17 games/18 weeks 2021 NFL season has moved into the 13th week and one Supe rematch and four semi-final such games are on the schedule.


In a redux of the 1983 season Super Bowl, when the then L.A. Raiders crushed the Washington team (That “Wash” team, a la last year’s Chiefs, were defending champions, on an incredible roll, that got beaten decisively in the game in which victory would have meant a repeat crown), the now (6-5) Las Vegas Raiders are slight favorites vs the (5-6) Washington team, now sans the offensive nickname (I did not think Indians to be offensive and certainly not Braves or Chiefs. I also realize the horrible injustice dealt the people who were here/on this continent first) they had for that Supe and many years before and after.


Elsewhere, the big game on Monday night matches (8-4) New England, a 2 plus point(s) u/dog at (7-4) Buffalo.

It is a rematch of the 1963 AFL East playoff/AFL semi, in which the then Boston Patriots defeated the Bills, only to be routed in the subsequent title tilt by the Keith Lincoln, Tobin Rote led San Diego Chargers.


There are two AFC and one NFC title game rematches ahead.


In the frozen weather, 1981 AFC title tilt, the Cincinnati Bengals with their 6 time NFL champion (five with the Packers and one as a reserve for the Cowboys which was Dallas’ first crown, having been denied in heartbreaking losses to the Packers, with Gregg and Herb Adderly, another “Pack” player who adorned that ’71 Dallas Cowboys’ roster) as a player, coach, (his face protected with what looked like Vasalene, as shown by NBC (Richard Enbear, better known as Dick Enberg, on the telecast) won vs the then San Diego Chargers, a franchise making a second “appearance” in my usual, tangential post. The Bengals lost in the subsequent Supe to the 49ers and Joe Montana, in a game played in Pontiac, Michigan. 


This week (7-4) Cincy is a FG/3 point “fave” vs the now (6-5) L.A. Chargers (they were the L.A. Chargers in their first season in 1960 before moving to S.D.).


Later in the day with “Pooh” Nantz, in a not so hot national ‘cast, (8-3) very fortunate Baltimore (Ravens) visit the (5-5-1) Pittsburgh Steelers. A prediction: As 5 point “dogs,” the Steelers will at least cover, something they did as faves in winning the 2008 AFC Title Game at home vs the Ravens. They no covered but won their 6th Supe (only the Patriots, also with 6, have that many) vs Arizona in the subsequent “Alfalfa” Michaels Supe, with still there Ben Roethlisberger hitting game MVP Santonio Holmes, who made a brilliant catch, for the winning score.


The lone NFC Title game redux this week is where the 2013 NFC Title Game, a Seattle Seahawks win vs the S.F. 49ers was played (all four semis rematches have the same home team–Buffalo, Cincy, Pittsburgh and Seattle). (6-5) S.F. (49ers) seem to be surging while (3-8) Seattle, is finally having a terrible year under Pete Carroll (he will go down as an excellent coach, with an undisputed title in both college and pro pig, but an underachiever, as failures in short yardage situations, cost he and his team repeat crowns, first with USC vs Texas in the ’05 college title game and then with “Sea” vs New England in the 2014 season Super Bowl). SF is a 3 plus point(s) fave in the “Moutt” Harlan tilt.

The Carroll Seattle title was secured in the 2013 season Supe as the Seahawks routed Denver as Peyton Manning again “disappeared” in a big game. 

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