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Getting The Prediction In

September 30, 2021

Tonight in a battle of the ’19 college pig title tilt, quarterbacks, Joe Burrow’s team is again favored vs Trevor Lawrence’s team, this time by seven plus.

In the aforementioned ’19 title tilt, Burrow and his LSU team were about 5 point favorites? and covered, going away vs Lawrence and “Clem”son.

Tonight Burrow and Cincy, win but do not cover: Cincy 21 Jax 17

Next in a day or so a redux of the ’10 season Supe, same QB’s, Roethlisberger who has 2 wins and Rodgers, who won his only vs “Big Ben” and Pitts, in the above cited ’10 season Supe.

Sunday Rodgers and G.B. will win again, but unlike in the ’10 Supe when they covered as about 4 point favorites, they will not this time.

G.B. 24 Pitts 20

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