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“Down The Stretch” However …

September 28, 2021

Baseball’s last week of the regular season is upon us, with the Giants leading the Dodgers by 2 games, in what is a “1 seed or 4 seed”race.

This is NOT 1951, 1962, same calendar 1971 or even spoiler 1934 and eventual spoiler (Joes won on a day Laura and Jeff Lovins wed– as Morgan’s spoiler home run lifted Mr. Torre to his first of 15 post-season appearances as a manager. A tremendous hitter, Torre never made one as a player) 1982, when there was no “safety net,” bogus wild card presence.

The eventual “4” will host the currently so hot St. Louis Cardinals, who eclipsed their 1935 version, with a record 16 game win skein.

If the S.F. lead holds and L.A. is the Cards’ “10 to 8” teams, one game ‘off opponent, –it will mean the two pretty glorious franchises will have met in 4 different types of playoffs, all within the N.L.

In ’46, the Cards won 2 straight in an unscheduled playoff vs the then Brooklyn Dodgers, to win the N.L. flag and eventually copped the title. In both ’85 and 2013 St. Louis won the NLCS vs the L.A. Dodgers.

The Cards have prevailed in 2 of 3 division series, winning in 2004 and 2014 and losing in 2009.

A “10 to 8” game would be the fourth level of ‘offs competition between the teams.

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