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“Judgment Day,” With Jason Alexander Leading A Great Cast, Evokes “Related Must See”

July 22, 2021

Recently I had a thoroughly enjoyable “streaming” experience, viewing the “over the top,” humorous and also poignant reminders of redemption, expressed in “Judgment Day,” written by Rob Ulin.

Jason Alexander as “Sammy Campo,” an exponential George Costanza, (Jason makes it happen with range that reveals “Sammy,”) heads a great cast, which includes Patti LuPone, Santino Fontana and Michael McKean.

This presentation, again another superb one, my “night before” foray into Ayn Rand with “The Disciple” and my own “sentimentality,” has made my head spin, but also expanded my horizons.

“Judgment Day” (see link below) gave me humorous pleasure and some life lessons, in a most entertaining fashion.

The entire cast was excellent. Matthew Penn is the director. 



I should not have to remind you as one ought to always “stay” for the credits (in streaming, there really is no excuse, not to) but here’s one, as this presentation “rewards” you for doing so!


Clockwise, starting in the upper left Jason Alexander, Patti LuPone, Michael McKean (lower right) and Santino Fontana are pictured.

I highly recommend seeing “Judgment Day.” Click below to purchase tickets.




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