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“The Disciple” is Superb

July 21, 2021

“The Disciple,” brilliantly written and directed by Rachel Carey (Ayn Rand’s guide to love and relationships) and playing at “The Wild Project,” (195 East Third Street), is a thoroughly entertaining, humorous and also eye opening look, at Rand’s thoughts.

Maja Wampuszyc as Ayn Rand and Cameron Darwin Bossert as Nathaniel Brandon, “light it up,” as they so effectively portray the complicated intellectual, emotional and sexual relationship between the two.

A seduction scene, thought out and written so well by Rachel Carey, includes a classic retort, as the two are in the midst of passion.

Both the scene and play are unforgettable and as I told Mr. Bossert, who I saw both before and after, well worth the wait, with on and off air conditioning, in my car, on the dangerously hot, humid yesterday.


Maja Wampuszyc

Maja Wampuszyc, pictured above.

For more information on The Wild Project, please click below. “The Disciple” will be staged through Sunday July 25th and I strongly recommend purchasing tickets to this wonderful performance. 

The wild project – thewildproject



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