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Bucks Up (3-2), 5 Point Faves, In Home 6th

July 18, 2021

JRUE HOLIDAY hit for 27 points and made the key play stealing the ball from Devon Booker (he had a second straight 40 or more points game in defeat) and feeding Giannis Antetokounmpo (30 points, however 3 free throw misses in as many attempts, which easily, in the fine line world period and especially sports, could have made him a big negative) for a dunk, that put the Bucks up (122-119) in an eventual (123-119) win (WAY) “over” Phoenix (Suns) in game 5, that gives them a (3-2) final round advantage.

Milwaukee is a 5 point favorite in game 6, in which a win would give them a second title, 50 years after the only one, to this point.

Khris Middleton had 29 points, in what I believe and am almost certain, was the first NBA Final Saturday night game since at least 1964.

Again, without certainty, however, to my knowledge and in all likelihood, only two teams, the 1962 Celtics, who went on to “7” the Lakers and win the fourth of what was to be eight straight crowns and the ’74 Bucks (the last Bucks’ final “app” before this one), who won that game on Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s long baseline hook shot, but lost the Mother’s Day 7th to the Celts, have accomplished what the Suns seek to do this upcoming Tuesday, namely win a road 6th game, to force a home 7th, something impossible to do in the 2-3-2 format (I always of think of the great K.C. Jones, regarding his distaste for that format, which was in effect from ’85- 2014). It also was used a number of times before then.


20140101 Jrue Holiday.JPG

Jrue Holiday, pictured above, while still a member of the New Orleans Pelicans.

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