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Remembering Dick Tidrow, Then “On And On” Regarding The Ineptitude Of Sports Media

July 17, 2021

Dick Tidrow, who died in the past week at only 74, deserved both a better fate and more praise for his baseball accomplishments.

I will both cite his achievements and in this perhaps inappropriate place, RAIL vs the media, that is so bad as to not credit nor know history and continually “blowhard” what is not only nonsensical, but also truly offensive.

Mr. Tidrow, a fine essentially relief pitcher, helped the New York Yankees win 3 consecutive pennants and 2 consecutive titles from (’76-’78).

Later, he was instrumental in securing for the eventual 3 straight alternate/even year, title winning, San Francisco Giants (’10,’12, ’14) incredible pitching, as that of Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain and I believe Tim Lincecum (also others).

In disgraceful fashion, Mike Greenberg, another of the opinionated, knows little, organisms that the monolith/ESPN allows to run wild amidst the polluted (as is the earth because of such as ESPN) “jungle” of sports, did not know it was the great Oscar Robertson, sitting next to Kareem Abdul Jabbar, during #4, of the current, ridiculously, drawn out, NBA final.

Next, Stephen A. Smith, properly ripped to shreds, by Phil Mushnick, in a) a column per Phil’s right, but “RIGHT,” before Smith’s subsequent remarks and b) a blight on society, second only to Trump among the many recent “candidates,” put down Mr. Ohtani.

Rather than repeat or comment on it, I once again channel and evoke, of course with “license,” but willing to bet he would agree, Dr. Martin Luther King.

I believe that great man aware of 2021 and that since his death 53 years earlier, while assessing the still too slow “progress,” regarding those persecuted, would say “NOT dream, but NIGHTMARE, as Smith, who thinks the fact he endured eating tuna sandwiches before he attained sickening wealth, qualifies as suffering, fueled the fire, against already persecuted people.

The shame of what ESPN and face it, many if not all the others do in the name of 24 hour “news,” is something, as Mr. Mushnick once brilliantly wrote concerning Lou Holtz, (he always an unhinged lunatic and now right wing zealot), when he had “rubbed it in” vs Boston College,” the year before, that the “big guy” (I add the possibility of the “big guy”/ force being a woman or force) is taking “notes” and will eventually act regarding it.

Maybe a veritable David Gordon, instead of booting a field goal that so gloriously, sunk top ranked Notre Dame, a result that among other things manifested in another ESPN disgrace, Hannah Storen (Storm to most of you, a terrenchial downpour of welcome back to America West Arena in Phoenix during the Suns’ last NBA final “app” with the problem being, the game was in Chicago ineptitude, to me,  which began ‘cauz daddy was/is Mike Storen. Alas, let’s throw in (I wish away) Rachel Nichols, the daughter in law of the late, great Mike Nichols, as a winy, spoiled, no talent (tell me what does she add?!!) as another ESPN “blight” the Taylor battle (who needs any sideline reporters?!!) an example) clamoring for her Notre Dame as #1, using a national forum in utter cheerleading lack of objectivity, that fortunately went for naught, will “BOOT” out Smith and some, if not all of the pollution.

Do not hold your breath, for at least two reasons. One, maybe we can rid ourselves some day of Smith, as the combination of his throw it against the wall/foot in mouth (lack of) “style” might get him, alas only when the bean counters say, but the hopelessness and real pollution/sick heat/global warming, makes each breath, so precious.

Toward that sentiment, I will try not to let this stuff get me. I look in the mirror, know and acknowledge what I did and did not do. I take responsibility.

However, I do such, adding I would have known and do love “The BIG O,” (Oscar Robertson), but G-d, as cited in the superb, Paul Schrader directed film, “First Reformed,” which features a brilliant Ethan Hawke performance, “is more creative than any of us” and has apparently given me another type, “BIG O,” as in ZERO, at least as far as enjoyment, from my once loved sports and its disseminators of information.

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