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“Djoko” 20, Antis, Money and the World Spins Around

July 12, 2021

As stated, Mr. Djokovic won Wimbledon, his 20th major crown, tying Roger Federer and Raf Nadal.

In the upcoming U.S. Open, he will attempt and be the wide margin plurality, if not actual favorite, to pass the above cited players for the most major crowns, but also do what only the great Rod Laver has accomplished, namely win all 4 major tennis events in one year.

Mr. Laver did it twice, in ’62 and ’69 so liberal in most of life but archly old world in sports me can take solace in the fact, the great Djokovic, and he is great, will not accomplish that feat twice any time soon, if ever.

In fact I will bet on him at the U.S. Open so he may not even do so once.

Of course I still have to “stop” the so annoying Serena Williams (she has not won a major since I “decided” to stop her as she showed her shallow character, in more than one press conference/baby fit. (As a big baby myself, and one with little accomplished as opposed to Williams, it takes one to know one) and alas, as my dad often said, where will I get the money?!

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