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Optimum Power Failure (Don’t Ask/Refund/Getting Through/Live Operators As Dinosaurs) Of Course, ‘Twas The Great Djokovic

July 11, 2021

I could not even watch it as Optimum/Cablevision/all the $ to and vs them over these 41 years and Beano re their ineptitude, and of course it was the great “Djoko” in 4 sets vs “my” 12 to 1 future, Berretini.

Will I get a refund from all powerful Optimum? The frustration, but alas people are starving.

Thus relax, do not cross that line and maybe take devices out of the box and try the technical!

Did Norman really call “Arthur?” If so, what is the big deal, other than what could have been, juxtaposed with this empty, abysmal failure sans family and specifically “The Mand?”

She admonished regarding my parents, so look in the mirror and others heed the warning, with few exceptions, nobody will care for you as your parents do!!!

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