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Lightning Then Sun(s) Is So Likely

July 9, 2021

Appropriately, there is heavy rain, though I have not seen lightning, adding to the doom and gloom, of not having the Suns, now huge “faves” to win their first title.

In #2, the Suns, who won their first two home final tilts in ’76, then lost 4 straight home final tilts, now have 2 home final wins and a (2-0) final round lead vs the Milwaukee Bucks, the latter seeking their second title and first in 50 years.

Devon Booker, a standout some years back, in the one NBA game I have attended in so many years, hit for 31, Mikal Bridges, who played on Villanova title teams in ’16 and ’18, added 27-Chris Paul 21, as Phoenix bet vs (-5 plus to minus 4 plus) won (118-108) in game 2.

Giannis Antetokounmpo had a “Jerry like” (West) 42 in a final round game loss for the Bucks.

Jerry had 42 in defeat vs the Celts’ 11th title in 13 seasons in #7/’69 final on May 5th, a year after, sadly, the excellent actor Albert Dekker passed away. 

The Bucks are not “dead” in this series, my chances for “bucks” as almost always are, but need the ABC fix and are 4 point “faves” in #2 at Milwaukee Sunday night.

No more Sunday afternoon tilts, as was the case in 3 1974 NBA final tilts, two wins by the Celts at Milwaukee, including the John Havlicek win in a Mother’s Day #7.


20170213 Villanova-Depaul Mikal Bridges on the move.jpg

Mikal Bridges pictured above. I cited Bill Bridges regarding Hawks/Knicks, “knew” this, however, nada!!

There will be sun later, at least all day on TCM with “The Sunshine Boys” airing at 2 P.M. Eastern Time and “A Raisin In The Sun” at 5:45.


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