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NBA Update And Notes

June 6, 2021

After the L.A. Clippers (-6 and a fraction) KO’d all viable Dallas Mavericks’ “weases,” and broke an almost unprecedented “home disadvantage,” to advance to their 9th “quarter,” (they are (0-8) in such and will be slight “dogs” vs top ranked Utah (Jazz) in the upcoming one which will begin Tuesday in “Salt Lake”), it means a team from the NBA West, will bid for its first title, in this year’s final round.

Both Western Conference  higher seeded teams, the Jazz and Suns are (0-2) in the final round while Denver (Nuggets) (0-4) in semis and the aforementioned, “never to a semi” Clippers, obviously have never titled.

In the East, now only 4 of the 32 NHL and NBA ‘offs teams have not lost at home, as the amazing/non bet Atlanta Hawks (4-1) (2-0) at home in these ‘offs, (plus 5’d) Philly (76ers) (now (3-1) at home in these playoffs) in their quarter opener.

The Hawks, picked against by 11 of 12 “experts” on, are (3-16) as the Atlanta Hawks in quarterfinal play. In “semis” play, they are (0-3) with a (1-12) record in such games.

However, even if they do not win another game, they have shone in these ‘offs, having been (0-2) and just (1-8) in ‘offs games vs the Knicks and (0-4) at home. 

The good news for them is they have Trae Young, the bad news is I can not take it anymore and will bet on them. 

Even without their third annexed star, James Harden, he of but one final round appearance, that a loss with Durant and Westbrook with Oklahoma City (Thunder, nee the Seattle Supersonics in ’12) (why could not all 3 have stayed there? “why oh why,” Dorothy, from neighboring Kansas asked? I know why and it is the root of all evil, as they say, however, try (which I must) living w/o it), the Nets now (4-0) at home “opened” the Bucks in their ’84 “qtrs” redux.

In addition to the Nets and Hawks the NBA east semi/NBA qtrs opening game winners, the Bucks who lost to the Nets at (2-0) and the top ranked, NHL team, the Colorado Avalanche (4-0) remain unbeaten at home. No team remains unbeaten in these ‘offs, whether in the NHL or NBA.


Trae Young.jpg

The Hawks’ Trae Young, pictured above.

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