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NBA Update And Other Notes

June 5, 2021

The great player Kaw Leonard (no “Hi” no “high,” as I “needed” Dallas, more to deny ABC a 7th—among other problems, the road is being “paved” for Serena Williams in The French Open so that will either cost or … and I totally dogged it, with dare I call him, Phil), who disappointed me greatly when he jumped from Toronto, who he led to the ’19 title, hit for 45 points, as for just the second time in major sports league’s history, the road team won the first 6 (6 is operative, as the “Clips” opened “menos” 6 in the 3:30 Eastern /ABC tilt tomorrow–does ABC care that I knocked them, as I spelled their name correctly) when the L.A. team stayed alive with a game 6 win at Dallas, vs the Mavericks.

That series is the only NBA prelim to go 7 and the only other time in NBA, NHL or baseball annals that the road team won the first 6, they won the 7th when “Wash” took the 2019 W.S. (Bellman has Utah, claims to fear Dallas more than the Clippers, however, the experts (so help me, David Furst said “experts” as I typed it) “hang” other numbers. “2019” had Wash to win that  2019 title and has circumvented his “very, very sickness” to “kinda”/a degree of happiness,” juxtaposed with my almost complete emptiness. However, not only am I the better person, I strive to be a truly great one, who helps others, as is the case, with my friend Jesse).

Elsewhere and I “despise” the “3” point shooting, but oh do the likes of Devon Booker, who is one player I truly like, do it so well, hitting for 47 as Phoenix (113-100) at L.A. in #6, to “KO” the defending and 17 time NBA champion, Lakers. (Memo to “Little Jeanie” Buss it is/was bad karma to leave the great Jerry West off a list of the 5 most important Lakers).

In ’70 and ’72, when I so loved the Lakers, there were scores so close to (113-100) in the last game of the NBA final round, each involving L.A.

In ’70 the Knicks won the first of their 2 titles, both won vs L.A, winning (113-99) in game 7 of the final round. That season, the Lakers overcame a (3-1) series deficit to “7” the Suns in the “quarters,” the first of 7 series wins vs them (however, what once was a (6-0) Lakers lead vs Phoenix in series, is now (7-5).

Then in glorious ’72, the Lakers won the first of their 12 L.A. titles, beating the Knicks (114-100) in game 5, to clinch the title.

The Suns are now about 2 to 1 “quarters” “faves,” vs the Denver Nuggets, who also clinched Thursday past, “6-ing” Portland, whose coach, Terry Stotts was let go.

It was a reversal of Portland’s 6 game “qtrs” win vs Denver, en route to their lone title in 1977. Likely “reg” MVP, Nikola Jokic had 36 to lead Denver.

Top ranked Utah will face the Dallas/Clippers #7 winner in the other West semi/NBA quarter.

Among the 5 remaining NBA West teams only the Mavericks with one (that in 2011 vs the Heat, avenging an ’06 final round loss) have an NBA title.

The Utah Jazz and the Suns also have 2 final appearances, losing all 4, only the ’76 Suns’ loss to Jo Jo White and the Celtics, not occurring vs Mr. Jordan, he of (6-0) in the NBA final and cigars, and the Chicago Bulls.

Neither the Nuggets or Clippers have ever advanced to an NBA final round.


In honor of Jo Jo White who led the Celts to that ’76 final round win clinched not in Tucson, but Phoenix, Arizona on a Sunday afternoon, after the epic Boston 3 OT win in #5 of that series, view the one and only “The Beatles” evoke a fictional “Jo Jo” as they “rooftop perform” “Get Back.”

How do you say Big Mac in French is asked in “Pulp Fiction,” I believe it was Mr. Travolta’s character who answered “Big Mac.”

As you will see, “Jo Jo” is also “Jo Jo” in “espanol.”

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