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Time Behind Mikes, Does Not Justify “Mikes” Breen and Wilbon Hall Status

May 14, 2021

I am trying hard not to criticize or to get aggravated by what passes for talent on the airwaves. It is not important, save the fact I failed to do so or anything else .

Yet, I must object strongly to the selection of Mike Breen and Michael Wilbon to The Basketball Hall of Fame.

Each either started (in Breen’s case with Don Imus) or continues to give strong, ridiculous, often factually incorrect opinions (Wilbon is on some show on the monolith, ESPN).

That does not make them Hall of Fame people. I feel it and especially, their at best, mediocre work keeps them far from greatness.

So help me, the great broadcaster, Marty Glickman kept out of the Basketball Hall for so long, despite being along with Hilliard Gates, the pioneer of basketball broadcasting, thought Breen was adequate as a basketball broadcaster.

Adequate in the Hall of Fame??!1 It is not really important, however consider it another “windmill” going around and each time, it takes more and more dignity away.

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