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Remembering Two Great “Lloyds,” Norman and Price

May 14, 2021

Of course, both the excellent actor/producer, Norman Lloyd, who reached 106, 26 more years than another Norman born in 1914 (my father) and Lloyd Price a superb singer/entertainer (he died at age 88) deserve their “own” remembrance, however, in linking the “Lloyds,” I will add the NPR obituaries and if it stays up, a picture of Mr. Price, (he of the friendly, classy “PERSONALITY”) and me.

Maybe as in films and imagination, Mr. Lloyd who had to deal with the horrible blacklist but worked with such as Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin, is falling, as he did as the horrible criminal in Hitch’s “The Saboteur,” into paradise, where perhaps, Lloyd Price is singing “Personality,” one of his great hits.

Lloyd, on my mind each time I view his name on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” credits, also had a long running role on the critically acclaimed “St. Elsewhere,” among so many other endeavors.

Price knew the score regarding race and opportunities, as you will read in a link below, but as Brook Benton intoned in “A Rainy Night in Georgia” knew “it’s life and you have to play the game.” He did it, ahead of his time, even the great Frank Sinatra, in gaining records rights.

Each man/Lloyd left a great legacy. More details on each man’s extraordinary life and career follow in the links below.

Norman Lloyd Dies At 106: The Acting Legend Began His Career 

Lloyd Price, Singer And Early Rock Influence, Dies … –


Norman-Lloyd-Power-1937-2 (cropped).jpg

The great Norman Lloyd, pictured above.


Left to right, the great Lloyd Price and Andy B.




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