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Stop Blaming The Supposed Sign Stealing, At Least, Unlike In ’76, Behave

May 5, 2021

I wasted far too much of my life rooting against the greatest of all sports franchises, the New York Yankees.

At one point, after Mr. McCovey lined “straight to Bobby Richardson,” (as the great player and broadcaster, George Kell intoned. Here I go, SORRY, but now we get the inept Michael Kay and the truly offensive Suzyn Waldman. I have made my peace with “Superstar” Sterling, one day I will tell you the Howard Young story), the Yankees had won an incredible half of the 40 World Series contested, between (1923-1962).

Against my father’s advice (he did not do too well rooting vs them, but had and would have his moments. However, the most salient point is that he had created a “monster,” as I later did with cable sports, specifically the monolith, ESPN) I decided to try and stop them and did so 31 times in 33 seasons, often paying, before cashing (it did not help me save my mother and just last night, the piece of crap uncle appeared as a hotel clerk, with me owing the hotel money. Unfortunately it remains a real life night/daymare), under Torre in ’96.

That more or less ended the sick hatred. So please you fans, who are making excuses for your vaunted or not so vaunted team’s ‘offs failures, by blaming it on Astros’ steal signing and bringing back the horrible memories of thrown bottles, most notably at Griffey Sr. during the Reds’ sweep in ’76 and the truly unfair action, as Littell stood throwing warm up pitches, before he threw a fateful real one to Mr. Chambliss.

By the way, all teams have good and bad guys and let’s just say Mr. Chambliss and Roy White were among the truly good guys and players on those title Yankees’ teams of ’77 and ’78. 

Please stop your ridiculous behavior and that goes for all fans. Stealing signs is part of baseball, always has been. Was it a great example of being ethical? Of course not, but I take nada away from the title ’17 Astros and lament their failure, losing all 4 at home in an unprecedented World Series to Washington, in ’19.

By the way, in ’17 when Houston went on to “title,” the Yankees did lose all 4 in Houston, but you can blame it on their lack of clutch hitting, something that happens when you do not have the right clutch players and manager.

They simply did not hit and that is why they lost, NOT because the Astros supposedly stole signs.

There are worse choices for me as to the 2021 World Series winner than the Yankees, who are in the midst of a period equal to their greatest 20 year paucity of titles and nearly so regarding A.L. Pennants (they did not win a title until the year of the 20th World Series–(1903-1923), winning in ’23, the first year of Yankee Stadium, as there was no World Series in 1904, as was the case 90 years later manifesting in Michael Kay,  preaching violence, vs those causing the stoppage of baseball ’94. Why God/force allowed him is beyond and truly painful to me!!

They have the same one title in the 20 seasons since their under appreciated manager, Joe Torre guided them to 4 crowns in 5 seasons from (’96-2000). Additionally they have managed to win just one pennant in 17 seasons (’04-2020) matching the zero pennants in their first 17 seasons in which there was a World Series (1903-1920, with no WS in 1904 as noted above).

New York Yankees – 1, Houston Astros – 2 Minute Maid Park 3:20 43,116[6] 
2 October 14

New York Yankees – 1, Houston Astros – 2




As you can see, I think, the Yankees averaged less than a run a game in the 4 “at Houston” tilts.

Maybe the Astros were stealing the signs as to how the Yankees would swing. The great teams such as the old Yankees, Canadiens or Celtics would always be willing to or on relatively rare occasion actually congratulate the team that beat them. 

Not so these Yankees and many of their fans. Certainly the Yankees and maybe even some of those fans are better than that.

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