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The “Hidden” Craig Robinson Moneymaker, I Knew But Another “Screw”

May 4, 2021

After his brother in law, Barack H. Obama ascended to the U.S. Presidency, an outcome, seemingly unfathomable a year or two earlier , Craig Robinson guided Oregon State to a minor tournament victory, in which, as I recall, an underdog in most, if not all their “tournie tilts.”

On Saturday March 12, I first watched “Southside With Me,” a truly entertaining and revealing movie about Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson’s fateful first date, Craig Robinson is cited.

Mr. Obama is awed by Robinson’s basketball prowess. At that point, the 2021 tournie version of Oregon State, with Mr. Robinson long gone from the scene, had pulled off two upset wins in the Pac 12 Tournament.

They went on to win as a 9 or so point “dog” in the final vs Colorado and as nice underdogs in 3 NCAA Tournament wins. When Houston eliminated them in the NCAA Quarters, Or St. bettors got the cash as they covered in defeat.

As if that is not enough, Craig Robinson is part of the New York Knicks’ organization. That team has been incredible, first off they are (37-28) obliterating a “reg” season wins total/perception of 22 and a fraction, and have won 12 of 13 and I believe covered all.

Add it up (7-0) Oregon State and (12-1) Knicks, (19-1) a la the ’63 Cards before they lost all 3 vs L.A. effectively ending the 1963 N.L. Pennant race, in Stan’s (Musial) last season.

I know it, knew it, but as seemingly always, the money escaped me.


Craig robinson osu.jpg

Craig Robinson, pictured above. In addition to being a fine basketball man, Craig is adored by his wife, children, mother (Marian) and sister for the good man that he is. 

A true testimony to his father, Fraser Robinson, a hard working man, called the “best man in the world,” by daughter Michelle. 

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