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Said It Before, Say It Again–Why Tirico

April 30, 2021

I shut almost all of it off. Today with the Kentucky Oaks, hearing Mike Tirico, I shut the sound off until the race.

After the race, Tirico unprepared left us wondering which trainer has 5 Kentucky Oaks wins, one more than today’s winning trainer, Todd Fletcher.

Was it too much trouble to have that information. In fairness, maybe he did before the race.

I was not listening, but the peak audience and interest comes after the race and whether he said it before or not, Tirico, who already, sadly has the “keys to the NBC kingdom,” should have told us which trainer has 5 “Oaks” wins.

Why Tirico? | Andy B Sports


The great trainer, Woody Stephens, pictured above, who once said I think to me, as you approach New York City, those buildings seem and get much bigger, trained 5 Kentucky Oaks winners.

They are that much bigger and more of an obstacle with nobody to really help. Tirico, somehow did not have that problem. 

D. Wayne Lukas and perhaps others also trained 4 such winners. 

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