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Why Tirico?

December 29, 2015

Last night I endured Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden on the final regular season ESPN Monday night package game. Unfortunately the two, mistake filled Tirico and never silent Gruden will be on one of the two NFL wild card round games on Saturday January 9, 2016.

A receiver failed to get out of bounds, seconds later Tirico, without apology had to say he he did. A ball was caught said Tirico. No it was not. Offsides vs the defense, no vs the offense. Those are the facts and just from bits of the game.

His style is so offensive to me. Once I sat with Beano Cook and him before a Heisman Trophy presentation. The talk was about Brent Musburger and not too favorable.

Beano was the best at what he did and never stepped beyond that. Tirico, as annoying as Musburger was, is far worse.

I once watched and listened, now I rarely watch Monday night football and will listen even less than the quarter or so, next season. Once there was Ray Scott, now Mike Tirico, the standards are poor!


A Rod Stewart song is appropriate I feel regarding Mr. Tirico, pictured above with his wife Debbie, and me. I will let you figure out each of our parts.

“Some guys get all the breaks, some guys do nothing but complain” God/force bless Tirico and his wife but when it comes to broadcasting and I have a pretty good concept of what is good, Tirico is nowhere near as good as his lofty status.

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