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Arbitrary, But Baseball Titles 32 Years Later Is Rare

April 26, 2021

My favorite number is 32. I have great knowledge of sports past and know every year’s World Series winner.

Combine this with a wait for the 7 train yesterday, as the shuttle to Time’s Square was not running and I found only 3 times, a franchise won World Series 32 years apart.

(I did this in my head and it’s worth would not even secure a subway ride. Yet here it is, maybe even with a mistake, as I did not check it again, even in my head).

All three to do so were originally New York City area teams, all as franchises in New York, for the World Series played between from (1903-1957), (there were 54 such as no WS was contested in 1904).

The current Dodgers have won their last two titles 32 years apart, with Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser in 1988 and in a bogus 60 game season last year.

Now in San Francisco, where they have won 3 crowns, the Giants won the second and fifth of their New York titles, 32 years apart in 1922 and 1954.

A surprise was that the Yankees with 27 titles did not win a pair 32 years apart until their last such win in 2009. They won it all in 1977, Ross Porter behind the national radio broadcast (Scully wanted more money) when Reginald Martinez Jackson blasted 3 home runs in the Yankees’ game 6 clincher.


Reggie Jackson, pictured above.

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