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Ripping Thomas And Barrett With An Ode To “Love Story” And ’48/’56 W.S. Notes

February 19, 2021

Oh do I have stuff for you, suffice now that one needed only to look at ’91’s Clarence Thomas, swallowing hard and I will not say the rest. He is, in my unsolicited opinion,  a traitor to the cause and to his race, not to mention one of the utmost hypocrisy. Add “Squeaky” BARRETT and there is hate, perhaps, even likely, too much and misplaced, but dealing with these types and having barely (if we did) survived Trump, “being an activist vs these,” means NEVER relaxing.”

Alas I wish there was love, a love story, so since there is not, but as an ode, I say I am (at least a bit) SORRY.

OK it is #3, 1948 World Series and you will only get these notes here. Juxtapose ’56 with ’48, another presidential election year.

That year, (’56) Don Larsen hurled a perfect game, as the Yankees took a (3-2) W.S. lead with a (2-0) victory in game 5, en route to a 7 game triumph, vs the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Larsen fanned pinch hitter, Dale Mitchell to end the classic and soon after, was embraced by “10 player titles” Yogi Berra.

It was a called, perhaps questionable, third strike. In his last game behind home plate, the umpire was Babe Pinelli.

Back to #3, ’48 which was so different, but again involves Mitchell and Pinelli. Dale starts for the game and series winning (their last to this point) Indians. Pinelli, at the most active umpiring position (home plate) in ’56, is on the right field line for this one.

Bob Lemon is on the winning team in both American League non scheduled, at least one fourth/one game playoffs (I think any # of games), thirty years apart, as a Cleveland Indians’ pitcher in ’48 and Yankees manager in ’78. Each was at Fenway Park, vs the Boston Red Sox.

After winning the one game ‘off to win the ’48 A.L. Pennant, Lemon and the Indians (hint and so help me, not pitching and in the middle, Lemon is cited as I type regarding him. My “Cheese” “The Stranger” comparison is a tough NO this day.”) stayed in Boston, to meet the Braves in the World Series.

Lemon’s Indians lost game 1, but won #’s 2,3,4 and 6, the first and last of those on the road, to claim the title.

In ’78, the Lemon managed Yankees were in the ALCS after the heart stopping and for me, still heartbreaking, win in the one game ‘off at the Red Sox. The (ALCS) was best of 5, the Yankees claiming their 32nd pennant, winning game 1 on the road and #’s 3 and 4 at home.

Next Lemon’s Yankees won games (3-6) to win their 22nd title. They raised their W.S. record to (8-2) at that point, vs the Dodgers. They clinched it on the road.

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