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“Ok, So You Are Heartbroken”

February 18, 2021

“Holy cryptic, Andy,” (ode to Robin speaking to Batman, sorry it is not on tonight and you do not get 55 or so years back) but why this and the 1935 and 1945 (each Tigers wins vs the Cubs) World Series notes? Well–llll as that conservative, who reaped the harvest set by Mr. Goldwater 16 years earlier (this is a bit about being Jewish, or part as Goldwater was and he did allow officers to use his “facilities” while in N.Y. along the ’64 “trail.”) would “start,” he is still The Man, though it would SEEM the juxtaposition of others so much less talented flourishing while I “live below the line” despite TALENT, does not matter to him.

The well put perspective on ’35, in the ’45 Wikipedia recap reminds me the Cubs were somewhat if not highly competitive in both ’35 and ’45 in World Series play. Next paragraph to read it.

However, their title frustration, though lasting 22 years longer than the Red Sox 86 year one, pales in intensity, as while the Red Sox were highly competitive in 3 of their 4 seven game World Series losses (two were won by the opposition in their last at bat, another was the second in which they led a 108 win team (3-0) middle innings of #7 and again all 4 losses were in 7 games)–the Tigers “early and often’d” the Cubs, winning decisively in the one game the Cubs played in over 108 years, in which a victory would have yielded a world crown.

So why this? Maybe a weak retort, as he was all in for the ’16 Cubs even vs the Indians (never mind changing that name, the Washington football change was long overdue–free Leonard Peltier, who even if he murdered those, which he did NOT, the scorebook reads all U.S. establishment leaving the always overlooked Native people here, in a “trail of tears”–mine included). Within a week after the Cubs with their Trump backing owner and abusive to a fan (yes similar regarding the superb hitter, Bill Buckner, but that while also terrible was not quite as. Alas I doubt their owner would have/did back Trump) titled. 



Below regarding ’35 and ’45 World Series from Wikipedia.

The (the 1945) Series was a rematch of the 1935 World Series. In that Series’ final game, Stan Hack led off the top of the ninth inning of Game 6 with a triple but was stranded, and the Cubs lost the game and the Series. Hack was still with the Cubs in 1945. According to Warren Brown’s account, Hack was seen surveying the field before the first Series game. When asked what he was doing, Hack responded, “I just wanted to see if I was still standing there on third base.”

Next and I once sang along with Mr. Gooding’s better known son, Cuba Gooding Jr. for a bar or two of his dad’s (as lead singer) group, “The Main Ingredient’s” big hit to remedy “being heartbroken” and to have resolve.




John Garfield’s character in “Gentleman’s Agreement” talked of the satisfaction in “fighting back,” and though probably it would be better to “play it safe,” I must “fight” the injustice, but will do so with guidance and perspective.


The great Hank Greenberg, pictured above, did fight back.

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