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“They” Creatively Call It “Champa-Bay,” Also I Add “Champa-L.A.

February 9, 2021

In reading a nice WNYC recap of the most recent Supe (Brady and “Gronk” (Rob Gronkowski, who I once one ?’d “interview-d” as he held “court” and a big slice of pizza on 35th Street/NYC in Sept. 2019, when he talked of if Tom, then still with N.E., have “hooked up” for a record QB/receiver 14 post-season TD’s was included) I see that in creative fashion, Tampa Bay is nicknamed “Champa Bay.”

T.B. which of course has “T.B.” (the great Tom Brady, why as Brian McDonald, as I recall coincidentally a Chiefs’ rooter, once said am I always a day late and a dollar short. Unlike so many others, Brien was good to me. Maybe I can see or at least call him again) houses (they once had a fine player named Kevin House) the NHL champion, Lightning and NFL winners, the “B”rady/”B”owles “B”uccaneers (yes Todd Bowles, whose defense was even more a winning factor than that of Brady).

The baseball Rays, who sadly, I opine will not be “heard from” again (oh do I hope that I am wrong regarding that. Also I add that I with the odds slightly in my favor, “typed” here that the Chiefs would not repeat as champions and now I do so regarding the Lightning (odds pretty big in my favor, but no way would I go “big” vs them) made it to its sport’s final round/World Series, losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Speaking of Los Angeles, that city also has 2 champions, as the Lakers and Dodgers in hopefully once in a lifetime proximity, due to the ongoing pandemic, won respective NBA and baseball crowns.

This has to be the first time (please tell me if I am wrong and I might be) 2 cities have all 4 major North American sports league titles at the same time.

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