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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win It All

February 7, 2021

I often listened to Tom Brady on Monday mornings, especially after the rare New England loss and knew of his dedication. Adding Mr. Brady and his winning a 7th crown, one more than the # of children in the TV sitcom, blended, Brady family, and his 5th Supe MVP (Devin White and the Todd Bowles coordinated Bucs defense anyone? They held the mighty Mahomes and K.C. without a touchdown!!) Tampa Bay (2-0) in Supes and plus 50 points in the 2, (Green Bay was plus 44 in the first two Supes) ripped the defending champion, Chiefs, (31-9) in a home, (of sorts),  Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida.

They were helped by penalties, but truly dominated the tilt. Brady threw 3 touchdown passes, the first two to his former New England teammate, Rob Gronkowski.

Two excellent players, denied by Brady and New England in AFC title tilts past, Antonio Brown, who gathered in Brady’s short TD pass in the waning seconds of the first half after Reid foolishly called a  timeout and Leonard Fournette, scored the other Bucs’ TD.

“Toe” Succop (first name, Ryan and get this, the final pick of the entire 2009 NFL Draft, having been selected by the Chiefs) added a 52 yard field to make it (31-9) T.B. The Bucs trailed (3-0) led (14-3), (14-6) (21-6) at half, (21-9) and cruised (31-9).

A title for 68 year old Bruce Arians, the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl.

What a run by Tampa Bay, as they join the ’05 Steelers, ’07 Giants and 2010Packers as Supe winners, after3 road playoff wins. The Buccaneers won their last 8 games, covering 7. By contrast K.C. covered in just one of their last 11 games.

Brady is among the three to five greatest in any sport, but the MVP could have/ought to have gone to White or just the Bucs’ defense. Hail Tom and I am fine with it.


Tom Brady, THE Winner and he HAS it all!




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