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Brady Overall And Certainly In Final Round Play Is Discernibly Greater Than James. No Real Knock On James, Such Is Brady’s Greatness

January 26, 2021

I am one person who did not need the circumstances of a pandemic to know which workers are most/more important, adding that it is a ridiculous and horrible blight on this society, that athletes, even great ones like (I once did, do not now, but even w/o this season and certainly even if his team loses the 55th Supe, acknowledge Brady as an all-time top sports performer–“Pick his team and players”/just call him “choose up,” Leb James is not one I like. I do like his anti Trump sentiments and knowing, (as I am one of the world’s biggest losers, as I have talent that got me nowhere,–I appreciate that James, deep down a loser (white jackets would seem imminent, as this guy seems to have it all, but that MIRROR, part Jordan, part Kareem and part Wilt tell him the truth regarding picking his teams, imparting to him that he is nowhere near the “best of all,”) did not get too involved in the Biden campaign, as he did in the almost tragic Hillary Rodham loss) Brady and James are admired and paid what they are.

It is not important, but please consider just final round play and know James is nowhere near as great as Brady. First of all his teams are (4-6) in final round play (Brady goes into the 55th Supe (6-3), in two of the titles, clearly others hit the big shot. (Ray Allen’s tying “3” (I despise the “3’s” importance in today’s basketball. Do the math regarding that, as many did not do, regarding LaFleur’s idiocy, but alas the game was lost before then) saving Leb and Ky Irving’s vs GS, enabling him).

One could also make the case, that Anthony Davis and not James, was the top player in James’ incredibly cheap, in the bubble, did not face anyone, 4th title last season.

While kudos go out to him for ’12 and even the Allen saved ’13 crown, when Leb tied Tom Heinsohn, another great we lost recently, for the most #7/final round points on a winning team (Jerry had 42 in defeat in ’69) with 37 points in #7, harsh criticism and certainly less than Brady efforts in similar abound.

Start with ’07, vs the heavily favored Spurs. James did little and his team to paraphrase one who knew to jinx Rodgers, was “out the door in 4.”

Contrast that with Brady in his first final, who with his team a big “dog” vs the Rams, was far from great, but won in the ’01 season Supe.

By the way, I will cite the others during this seemingly interminable/hype filled 2 weeks until the Supe,  but time to take some “Teflon” off Madden, another fraud.

He failed so often as a coach, even with the better team. “N.E.” given the reverse benefit when they “tucked” Tom in,” 25 years later, will tell you Madden’s lone crown should never have happened. (Consult Elton John, whom I once 1 question interviewed at #7/’88 NBA Final, under “Sugar Bear,” and I admit ranting this c–p out, will not (Somebody) “Save My Life”

OK, of course too cryptic plus I ADD’D the point. They called a highly questionable roughing the passer penalty on Ray “Sugar Bear” –one word or two?— Hamilton, enabling Madden to eventually win his lone title.

In that ’01 Supe, Madden called for NE to run out the clock and play for overtime. That says it all, yet this, as Mr. Cosell called him (I call him worse, namely a close to absolute fraud) “overblown parody of himself,” is rich beyond words, selling a video game.

We fell as a mindless, lowest common denominator society, that made a fraud such as Madden rich, vegetating on his video game and others, long before the “Valley, more like below ground, of Trump.”

Did not Elton also write regarding a garden, a gardener regarding John Lennon. Joe Biden ain’t John Lennon. He ain’t that good, but thank G’d he got there, where there is so much “gardening” to do!!

I admit my failures. They killed my heroes, even my mother, who sadly was not one of them. Of my many mistakes, including the one above, being too negative, even vs a man (Biden), who just got there, not realizing what my mother did both good and bad, is likely the worst.

That I say to all of you, as I have, trying to help myriad homeless, asking for money people (unlike the fascist Giuliani, about time I knocked him, adding  again the fellow bigot Kay, whose wedding he performed, I believe though homeless, they are PEOPLE) you get only one mother.

As often the case, I retreat/am somewhat fair, in saying Kay knew it and prospered because he had love and true respect for his mother (give him credit), while among much for me to look in the mirror “re,” my own mother used to remind me, that Kay tried hard, while I did not!!

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