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NFL “Slots” Notes

January 13, 2021

The 51st edition of the AFC/NFC slots/division round begins at Green Bay late Saturday afternoon in a redux of what actually was this round’s first ever game in 1967, when “G.B.” with a (9-4-1) record but at home defeated the (11-1-2) L.A. Rams (28-7).

I doubt very seriously another of those spoon fed, “given all” announcers with no sense of history, or for that matter, talent, Kevin Burkhardt, who gets to announce this “Sat,” would know that.

Maybe that is harsh criticism and though I truly believe it, only an opinion. However, how did Burkhardt become the #2 team lead announcer for Fox, without having done any and certainly not many games. He stood around and chimed in nonsense as essentially a side reporter on local telecasts of baseball and then he is in 4th slots telecast Saturday. In a world of problems for me, this situation does NOT help.  

The first AFC/NFC configuration “slots”/”div” round game matched a Baltimore team, the Colts and the Paul Brown coached Cincinnati Bengals.

Saturday night, a day shy of the exact 50 year anniversary of the Baltimore Colts’ Supe 5 win, another Baltimore team visits the Buffalo Bills in slot 2.

Last week, I and only I/me, cited the Bills had played the earlier or earliest playoff game 26 times in 28 possibilities. Make it 26of 29 as the Bills/Ravens is the later Saturday game.

On Sunday the whore league pushes the Sunday slot games back and the latter with 40 plus QB’s Brady and Brees into prime time. That makes me sick. Good night.

Next morning it is Cleveland/K.C. then T.B. vs New Orleans on Sunday. Among the 4 slots tilts, only G.B. vs the Rams have any playoffs history.

The Pack won the aforementioned 1967 NFL Western Conference playoff game, as cited above, the NFL’s first “quarter,” and went on to two more ‘offs wins and “titled” for the 5th time in 7 seasons, claiming such in Supe 2, their coach Vince Lombardi’s last game as Packers’ coach.

As the St. Louis Rams, they won a Sunday slots game, I believe the later one, in Pat Summerall’s last slots game (once we had “Super” (Pat Summerall), now it is Burkhardt and last week such as Levy, Tirico, and Eagle (I think twice, once on Nickolodeon, heaven help us), in 2001.


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