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More Typical Sloppy, Erroneous Work on

December 27, 2020

The guy’s name is on his sloppy work so I will not say it here.

After their loss to S.F. Arizona stood/stands at (8-7) while the Bears entered today’s tilt, which they won at (7-7).

Thus ‘Zona did not need 2 Bears’ losses but one, if they won their finale vs the Rams.

Also if the Rams lost, which they did, Arizona could/would get in with a win vs the Rams, I do believe.

The obvious was/is Arizona with a win needed one, not 2 Bears’ losses, as Arizona would be (9-7) and the Bears would be (8-8).

The erroneous below:

The Cardinals’ playoffs hopes are beginning to slip away after Saturday’s loss to the 49ers. All Arizona needed to do was win and the Cardinals would’ve stayed in control of their playoff destiny. Instead, they lost, and now have to rely on the Chicago Bears to lose their last two games for Arizona to make the postseason for the first time since 2015. — Josh Weinfuss

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