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What Is In A Name?!

December 14, 2020

As you may have noticed the now called Washington football team has always been referred to here as “Wash” or Washington, never the racist nickname it had until this season.

Changing the Cleveland baseball team’s name from the Indians is not a big deal to me, either way. However, I will go along with it.

I have always been in tune with the cause concerning Native Americans.

I urge the new president, “middle of the road,” Joe Biden, by the way non bet by me as a 16 to 1 “dog” to be nominated when I knew he would win the South Carolina Primary, to free Leonard Peltier, a Native American, a man unjustly imprisoned for 44 years.

First of all, he is not guilty. Next that sentence is “cruel and unusual” thus vs the Constitution.

Light: I hope they do not bleep the part of an Abbott and Costello Show episode, in which a Native American asks Lou how the Indians are doing and he does not realize she means the “Cleveland Indians” (adding) dummy.”

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