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N.F. L. Update

December 14, 2020

Yesterday, the Supe 1 (it was not called the Super Bowl then) entrants, the defending champion (12-1) Kansas City Chiefs and (10-3) Green Bay Packers had “no cover” victories and when the (11-2) Steelers and (10-3) Saints lost, moved into the lead for their respective conference top seeds, seemingly the only one that matters.

K.C. which was on an incredible “cover” run, won for the 21st time in their last 22 tilts, which includes their required 3 wins that vaulted them to the 2019 NFL crown.

Now they lead in a bid to get the AFC “1” seed and thus need 3 NOT 4 ‘offs wins to repeat as champions.

The Packers, who as was the case with the Chefs, failed to cover when a kicker was “sent on,” to “cut” what really was an insurmountable deficit, own the tiebreaker with the Saints, who are a 4 point “home” underdog vs K.C. next week, in a likely “Pooh/Hedge Fund/Nantz” CBS late afternoon game.

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