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More Exactly 50 Years Later Redux Notes

December 5, 2020

First of all, a remembrance of Val Pinchback, who for many years led the NFL schedule making process. One day, more on Mr. Pinchbeck, who met a tragic death, when he was struck by a New York City cab.

I like the fact this year’s schedule has “paid some attention” to the great and same calendar, 1970 season, the first of now 51, with the AFC/NFC configuration.

This week, three same week reduxes, two on the exact date Sunday December 6th, the other 1 day shy of exactly 50 years after a December 7, 1970 Browns/Oilers tilt.

Starting there, as this Sunday December 6th, the Cleveland Browns, albeit the expansion Browns and NOT the franchise of Jim Brown and Otto Graham, though the NFL records say it is, and Tennessee Titans nee Houston Oilers, a pair of (8-3) teams, clash at the Titans/Oilers venue.

In the next to last Monday night tilt of the first year of the “package” in 1970, the Browns stayed in the ’70 ‘offs race, winning (21-10) at the Astrodome, vs the Oilers.

As he did in the first Monday Night Football “Package” (package— because there were other occasional Monday night NFL tilts, most notably one in which the Packers unveiled their great return man, Travis Williams, one who “lived” (existed is a better word for it) on the streets years later) game on September 21, 1970, the great Gary Collins, perhaps on his patented “post pattern,” scored the game’s first points.

Also tomorrow, two more exact 50 year rematches at the same team’s venue, albeit at a different location, 50 years later.

In one, the Raiders, then in Oakland and now in their first year as Las Vegas and in contention with a (6-5) mark, meet the (0-11) New York Jets. In ’70 both George Blanda and Daryle Lamonica threw touchdown passes to Warren Wells in a (14-13) Oakland victory.

I believe the winning score was in the waning seconds, with Wells catching the ball after a deflection. Mr. Blanda, whose game ending/game winning exploits that season were/are legendary, booted the decisive extra point.

Finally, tomorrow night, again at the home of a defending champion Kansas City Chiefs team, the Denver Broncos provide the opposition.

In winning the 4th Supe, now close to 51 years ago, Jan Stenerud kicked 3 field goals before Mike Garrett “TD’d” on a run, to give K.C. a (16-0) lead in an eventual (23-7) triumph, vs the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings.

On December 6, 1970 the Chiefs got the touchdown first, (Ed Podolak ran 65 yards for the score) then 3 Jan field goals and that was all the scoring in a (16-0) win.

In ’70 both the Raiders and Chiefs were in contention while the Jets and Broncos were not. That is the case now, fifty years later. Then, while the Browns were in contention, the Oilers now the Titans were not. Now both with (8-3) records, not only are in contention, but also likely ‘offs qualifiers.


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