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No Surprise Regarding The Non Stop Talkers

December 4, 2020

I need not be specific (content on file) regarding the latest spewed by non stop talking Cris Collinsworth and Kirk Herbstreit. Possibly you read “re” it.

The duo on the ESPN telecast of Michigan State’s upset win vs Northwestern made unbelievable errors in perspective, 2 by each of the pair, just at the end of the tilt.

Clay of the so called play by play, (Matvick) said “I guess we could call it an upset” regarding a win by a 24 point underdog earlier this season.

The commentator (Rocky Boiman), twice called both Northwestern and Michigan State “great teams.” Additionally in obvious run situations, he talked as though a pass was certain. Of course “Mich State” ran.

Most of them just blabber on. Sound off, from now on.

One was great. His name was Al DeRogatis and he only came in when the also great, Marty Glickman called for him to do so. As with so many things, “they” ruined it, with the latest a new low.

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