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Comments, 50 Years This Sunday Since The Giants Epic Comeback Vs “Wash”

November 13, 2020

Even though he helped Ian Eagle, which certainly is a double slap in the face to me (see Eagle is not my “cup of tea” and he really did not help me), Marty Glickman was a great broadcaster and more important, a great, principled man.

Maybe I would not have measured up to his standards, but certainly Eagle and others far worse (Michael Kay, who did not recognize Marty’s voice when it played through a box at ABC in the mid 1980’s, and those even worse than him, for example) do not.

This little, maybe big bit of vitriol (also “Bill Klem” it, as sour grapes, adding as my mother often said “Kay tried” as did Eagle and the others, while clearly I did not try, nor want it enough), as this Sunday, marks the 50th anniversary of the Giants great comeback win vs no, not the Eagles, but the Washington football team.

Editor Doug Ingber, frequent pool winner or co winner (last week with a (9-4) mark, what kind of pool is that?!) “Ethan Stone” and I hope to have a “conference call” this Sunday, regarding our memories of that game.

We did so when I hosted a “Tribute To Marty Glickman Show” (edited beautifully by Mr. Ingber) upon the occasion of Marty’s last broadcast in December of 1992. Mr. Glickman called in, having truly enjoyed the show.

On that Sunday November 15th, 1970, Ingber was with his father, having travelled to Connecticut, thus circumventing the blackout and could see what turned into a fabulous tilt, with such great players as Fran Tarkenton, Sonny Jurgensen, Charley Taylor and Ron Johnson participating.

“Stone” was at the game, hearing about the tragic plane crash that took the lives of the Marshall football team the night before, on the way to Yankee Stadium, with his father.

They bought two New York Times, not only to read, but for a cushion “against” the hard seats.

I believe I was the most fortunate of all, as I was home and got to listen to Marty Glickman. My dad was out, probably listening and it was he, who introduced me to Marty’s greatness, listening in the car, on so many Sunday afternoons.

On the occasion of the immortal Jackie Robinson’s 50th anniversary season of his 1947 debut, which of course was long overdue, to integrate baseball and I always cite Larry Doby, who later that year, became the first Black player in the American League—-I drove Marty to a symposium, regarding that event at Long Island University.

As he got in my car, I told Mr. Glickman that I was not that good with directions. My father often cited the fact I did not pay enough attention, as I always put the radio on first, as to hear Marty’s broadcasts. He laughed.

Hopefully, I can post more on the anniversary this Sunday, but speaking of driving, Marty Glickman, in the heat of the battle, as the Giants climbed closer in an eventual (35-33) win, suggested that those listening but also driving, pull over to the side of the road.

Marty told me, then Yankees executive/president? Mike Burke did just that. What a memory, what a game, what a broadcaster!!!

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