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World Series Notes

October 30, 2020

The Dodgers have now won in one third (7) of their 21 World Series. If they had lost, a less valued and used fraction “2/7” would have manifested. (And) You thought you were finished with fractions. I am for now and paraphrasing “as Bullwinkle or Rocky said to the other, now time for something really esoteric,” regarding Dodgers’ last games of World Series.

In their first 8, all but the last of those 8, a World Series loss, a home run did not account for the first run(s) in such a game (again the last game of a Dodgers World Series).

Since that time a home run has opened the scoring in now 10 of 13. Seven times (Yogi Berra and the Yankees in ’56, Duke Snider, Frank Howard and Lou Johnson all for the L.A. Dodgers in ’59,’63 and ’65 respectively, Frank Robinson for the Orioles in ’66, Mickey Hatcher “for” and Steve Pearce (Red Sox) against, 30 years apart in ’88 and 2018) the home run was hit by the winning team/World Series winning team.

Thrice, including 3 days ago it occurred in a loss. Randy Arozarena joined second basemen Davey Lopes (Dodgers) and Willie Randolph (Yankees) as having done so.

In six of their 7 World Series wins, a home run opened the scoring in the Dodgers’ final World Series game.

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