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Remembering Larry Wilson

October 29, 2020

In 1988, I had a very pleasant experience, being a contestant on a show called NFL Trivia, hosted by Gabe Kaplan. A highlight “involved” the great NFL safety, Larry Wilson, who died weeks back and who is being honored by his team, the Cardinals, wearing his number 8 on their uniforms.

It was obvious to me that Larry was an answer to my question. I knew of him as he and his safety blitz, revolutionized the position.

Larry was rightfully named to the NFL team of the first 100 years.

At any rate, my team on NFL Trivia was destined to finish second, which was fine. The first place team was very loud with their answers and considerably louder, if not better than us.

We were going to the lose the finale and when I gave my answer of Larry Wilson, as “Wiiiilson,” I was lauded by many, including the other team. It is a nice memory.

I have similar fine memories involving Larry Wilson, especially during the 1966 season, when he was so great, leading a contending St. Louis Cardinals football team.

Larry maintained his greatness and while I am not a big fan of those long introductions where names are extended, perhaps when Larry entered a better place?, which he deserves, an angel used “Wiiiiilson” as an introduction.

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